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They ask me why I'm an Anarchist. What can I tell them? They want stone, they want logic and Aristotelian clarity, something that can be easily translated into numero-linguistic binary. Numbers and concrete and death. So I laugh and maybe offer them a cigarette, maybe some lunch. Logic can prove anything it wants to. But life is unaccountable. Words are nothing to passion.
--Keiran Stells

the way of play
by Kerry W. Thornley

It is no coincidence that the cultural currents of Zen and Anarchism immediately joined when Zen came to the West. For nowhere in recent Western history is the life of the Eastern renunciate more closely paralelled than in that of the dedicated revolutionary, forsaking all attachments for a single goal. And no Eastern sage comes closer to the zestful life sense of the Anarchist than the Zen Master.

But the deeper fruits of this union, speaking at least with reference to the Anarchist, are yet to be realized. What Zen has most to offer Anarchism is freedom HERE AND NOW. No longer need the Anarchist dream of a utopian millenium as he struggles to outwit the State-- for he can find freedom in the contest, by simply knowing that freedom is everywhere for those who dance through life, rather than crawl, walk, or run.

For is a man has renounced inward ownership of property, renounced posessive attachment to his loved ones, and is cheerfully detached from time, with no fear or hope for what the future might bring-- he is immune to all threats and pleadings of any State in the world. On the streets or in prison-- indeed, on his very way to execution-- he can play!

That is, he can become aware of his true nature as a player in the cosmic maya game, and therefore openhandedly let his karma play itself out. He can blend with the life forces around him, as a dancer to his music, and prance boldly into the colage of events-- with no fears, no regrets, and no compromises-- turned on, tuned in, and made One.
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