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Poll #1281754 Officially Weird #1

Have you ever: (Please mark all that apply below)

had an out of body experience?
had a near death experience?
died? (physically)
died? (mentally or emotionally)
committed suicide?
gone through a "ReBirth" with a counselor? (a physical process involving cocooning the person being ReBirthed)
been "reborn" in some other manner? (spiritual, emotional, or otherwise)
had some other experience you feel is related to any of the above in some manner?

If you would care to elaborate upon any of your answers to the above experiences, please leave comments either here, or send them to minusfouralarmATgmailDOTcom, should you prefer it. Anonymity shall be retained for those who wish it. Thank you.

  • 1 do realize that if a person actually -commits- suicide..they won't be answering your poll.

I do.. I realized after I put it up that it should have been "attempted suicide" but... being unable to change such.. eh, there you go. >.

Ask and ye shall receive.

If you believe in past lives, it would be relevant, but I imagine most would not remember such an incident.

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